The Pixel Pinkie Website was created and produced by Blue Rocket Productions.
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The project was produced with the support of the following organisations:

Principal Investor – Screen Australia

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Produced with the assistance of Screen Tasmania

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and our broadcast partner the Nine Network
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Production Credits

Producer: Alicia Rackett

Creative Director:
David Gurney

Graphic Design:
Yasmin Dennis-Rich

Web Development and Programming:
Matt Daniels, Duncan Gates, Cathy McComb, Yasmin Dennis-Rich

Animation (Flash):
Yasmin Dennis-Rich, Matthew van Roojen, Stefan Le Mottee, Stuart Packwood, Air Chuthapisit

Sound Effects:
Duncan Gates

Sound Recording:
Nick Storr

Original Music:
Fiora Cutler and Andrei Maberley

Additional Art:
Grace Garton

Additional Writing:
Ben Stephenson

Market Research:
Alex Clark

Pixel Pinkie – Jane Binning; Nina - Magdalena Grubski; Anni & Emily - Anica Boulanger-Mashberg; Suzi & Vincent - Jemma Gates; Nicki - Jane Russell/Jane Polley; Max & Fern - Sara Cooper; Zeph - Les Winspear; Coolest Luke - Nick Storr

The website is based on the characters from the television series, Pixel Pinkie, created by Alicia Rackett and produced by Blue Rocket Productions in association with the following organisations.

Screen Australia, Screen Tasmania, Nine Network and Blue Rocket Productions (Tasmania, Australia).

The television series Pixel Pinkie is distributed worldwide by Daro Film Distribution (Monaco) and Blue Rocket Productions in Australia and New Zealand.