Pixel Pinkie - Digital Genie

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Site Related

All I see is a blank page – why can’t I see the website?
You might need to download and install the latest Flash Player – it’s easy,  just click on the ‘Get latest Flash Player’ link, follow the prompts and you’ll have the website up and running in no time.

All I see is a spinning phone – what’s that all about?
The spinning phone indicates that the website is loading. There’s lots of cool stuff inside so it does take a few moments to load the very first time you come to this site. Hang in there, it’s worth it!

Who/What is Pixel Pinkie?
Pixel Pinkie is an animated series featuring everyone's favourite digital genie - Pixel Pinkie! Pixel Pinkie lives in 12 year old Nina's phone and is able to make Nina’s wishes come true… but Nina quickly finds out that things rarely go to plan with Pixel Pinkie!

Can I watch an episode online?
Sorry - you can't at the moment - keep your eye out and maybe it will come to a television near you! In the meantime you can watch some preview clips when you Explore Plenty - look out for the floating pink televisions, these are called ‘Sneak Peeks’. You can find all the Sneak Peek clips and the official Pixel Pinkie Series 1 Trailer in the ‘Sneak Peeks’ section in the ‘Fun Stuff’ menu.

Pixels/Pod Related

Why should I collect Pixels?
Collecting pixels is fun - you never know where you might find them! Once you've got a few you can ‘spend’ them on items to decorate Pixel Pinkie's Pod just the way you like it. Visit Pixel Pinkie’s Pod to learn more about using the pixels.

Where are all the pixels?
They're everywhere - you can earn them by playing games like SMS Mess, Dare2BScared or Bowled Over and you can find them by exploring places in Plenty - the city where Nina and her friends live.  For example, go up the stairs inside Nina’s House and check out Nina’s bedroom – click on any object and you might find some.

How do I collect pixels?
Just move your mouse over the pixel and it will automatically be collected. Nina's phone on the bottom right hand corner of your screen shows how many pixels you have.

I've spent all my pixels - can I get more?
You sure can - just go and play some games or Explore Plenty some more - there's bound to be some Pixels you haven't found lately. Make sure you also check out ‘All My Friends’ in the ‘Fun Stuff’ menu if you haven’t already.

Can I make my pod into a screen saver?
Yep, you sure can - just go to the ‘Downloads’ section in the ‘Fun Stuff’ menu and look for the Pod Screen Saver instructions.

Game Related

How do I get up the stairs in the haunted house in Dare2BScared?
Good question! The skull with the red eyes holds the secret to getting up the stairs! When you get to the bottom of the stairs click on the red arrow (near the top of the stairs), this will cause that arrow to disappear, the stairs to fold down and the skull to laugh. Now if you click on the skull four steps will glow green in a specific order - watch carefully and try to remember which ones they were and then copy the sequence by clicking on them in the exact same order. As you do this, if you click on a correct step it will light up green, if you click on a wrong step it will light up red and then all the steps will flash red and you'll have to start the sequence again. You can click on the skull at anytime and as many times as you like to see the correct order of steps. When you get the stair code correct all the stairs will flash green, then shift back into position and a green arrow will appear allowing you to go upstairs!

I always get thrown out of the haunted house before I finish the game - do you have any tips for getting through?
It's tricky isn't it! If you don't find everything before you get too scared you could try writing down the location of the things you do find - that way when you go back into the house, you can find everything you found earlier, then hunt through the house for the other items. Keep trying - it's worth it! Remember the items will be in the exact same location everytime you re-enter the house unless you RESTART the game or CLOSE the game.

Why can't I make the bowling ball bowl?
When you bowl the ball, you need to drag it towards the bottom of your screen until it completely disappears, then drag it back up and let go! Go get 'em!

Other Issues

My little brother keeps messing up my room - can I get Pixel Pinkie to turn him into a banana?
Sorry – after a recent incident involving a pineapple and a fruit bat, Pixel Pinkie is no longer allowed to convert little brothers into items of fruit, but you could try putting something slimey in his shoes!

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